About us

The Face Behind 

BeForeverGlammed was founded on the premise that, when you feel beautiful, your beauty will exude from within. Therefore, resulting in ultimately achieving self-confidence, and in turn, achieving self-love.

When Founder Paulette Angela brainstormed entering the world of e-commerce, she knew it would only make sense if it involved one of her passions. Her passion coupled with a purpose she felt strongly about. Hence why the National Domestic Violence Hotline seemed the befitting charity of choice to receive a portion of the website’s proceeds.

With Paulette Angela’s mantra “to always look your best,” it was evident that an online store showcasing products the industry raved about would be the ideal platform- to be a point of resource for women interested in purchasing makeup and skincare products. For the Beaus as a compliment, grooming products are showcased as well.

An only child, our Founder remembers growing up in Jamaica as a little girl and  thumbing through magazines and admiring all the models and their makeup, and fashions.  She always knew it was a desire of hers to embark on a journey one day that would combine her passion for beauty, coupled with a purpose.  She attributes the woman she has become to her parents who taught her diligence, to love unconditionally, and that if you put your mind to it, you can attain it.   

BeForeverGlammed brings the trending beauty products to you and at a discount, along with tips and advice via a Beauty Blog.  Because giving back is paramount, there are frequent Giveaways too!  

Paulette Angela's goal is quite simple-empowerment. If any of the products sold helps one person feel better about themselves, her job is done. Because, that confidence will enable them to embrace "the world is their Oyster."

Be Blessed!